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Like so many families today, my family faced real challenges when I was growing up. I am here today as the son of a single mother. She worked 2nd shift to support us. My mother worked hard and sacrificed to support us; teaching me the value of hard work and hope.

My journey has taken me from Head Start to Harvard and then back to Providence, where as Mayor I have worked to rescue a city on the brink and put the needs of people first. Today, our state needs a new direction, new ideas and a Governor who will create the same opportunity I had as the son of a factory worker – and that’s why I am running for Governor of Rhode Island.

I am running for Governor because I know what can be achieved by putting the needs of families and children front and center. I know the power of bringing people together to seek real solutions. I know we have the ability to make tough choices today for our kids’ future.

I know we have the ability to stand up to special interests and be a voice for the voiceless. I know we can stand for good wage jobs, and then make the changes we need to create them. And I know that to really take on our challenges we need a state government that solves problems, instead of creating them; that pushes toward solutions instead of just drifting along; that combines new ideas with the core values we believe in: hard work, the dignity of a good job; access to quality schools and health care; and the opportunity to build a better life.

I hope you will join us.